Henderson.S.Services have been delivering complex projects for our clients for over thirty years.

The knowledge, skills and best practice we have developed over this time enable us to bring a realistic and results focused approach, which helps our customers to achieve their goals.

We can help our clients to evaluate their options to ensure they find the right investment solution. Importantly, we can also deliver the actual project, from the initial planning stages all the way through to completion, and throughout the life of the asset.

Flexible and responsive approach

Local, national and international political, environmental and social issues, technical hitches and other unforeseen circumstances must be continually monitored and addressed.

We work closely with our clients and are flexible in our approach to ensure we can deal with any unforeseen challenges.  We can respond rapidly to our clients’ needs and bring our global skills to the project.

Interaction across multiple groups

Delivery of a complex project requires the efficient management of interaction across multiple groups of people, often from different cultures, to ensure the team works together to deliver the project.

Large and complex projects usually require the combined input of all supply chain members. We understand the best ways of engaging the supply chain to optimise their performance. To that end we operate our own supply chain with some of the leading manufacturer’s and suppliers in the UK.

Tried and tested tools and processes

At the outset, all parties, including clients and contractors, need to have an agreed approach based on tried and tested practices. There must also be agreement about the objectives and performance criteria.

The tools and processes we have used over many years of project evaluation and delivery include cost, schedule and procurement planning. We use the most appropriate industry standard tools across each area of the project and we bring these together in our management system, This allows us to benchmark and monitor performance and introduce measurable improvements throughout the life of the development.